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Steady Shot Tripod Systems
Kenco Outdoors has made a commitment to provide the general public with affordable hunting accessories and equipment. We pride ourselves on introducing products with the quality and durability of military and law enforcement equipment.  

The Steady Shot Tripod (pictured right) gives every shooter access to their own portable shooting range. This affordable tripod system performs like a shooting bench, yet it can be carried into any location. It has configurations that will allow shooting from a prone, sitting, or standing position. It can even be configured to use with handguns.

This shooting tripod has the advantages over a fixed shooting bench system in that it can be used for hunting, used for target shooting or sighting in your weapons, used as a stabilizing stand for your rifle during maintenance and cleaning, or used as a display stand to show off that favorite rifle in your den or game room. Get all the details on the Steady Shot Tripod and how you can have your own by visiting Kenco Outdoors at our online store.
The Steady Shot Tripod for the Avid Outdoorsman
Kenco Outdoors
The Steady Shot Tripod will give you the opportunity and confidence to reach distances that are double, triple, even ten times the distance you would normally try to shoot. See how you can get dime-size shot groups at 100 yards or more with our tripod. No wonder it's so widely used by 1000 yard clubs across the United States.