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Clamp mount - used in place of the tripod base
Wide Front Cradle Block - 
to accomodate rifles with forearms up to 3 inches wide
Fine Adjust Front Cradle Block -  allows for precise windage and elevation setting
36 inch upper tubes - 
to rest barrels greater than 26 inches
Pistol Rest - 
provides a solid platform for pistol shooting
30 inch Steady Shot
Shooting Tripod 

The choice for taller hunters who enjoy hunting from a seated position or for young hunters to shoot from a standing position.

The adjustable legs will extend from 34 to 48 inches to allow for preferred individual height. Each leg is extended separately to ensure balance when it is placed on uneven ground.

The tripod comes with 24 inch upper tubes that will allow the cradles significant width to balance most rifles, including heavy-barreled varmint guns. Note: Benchrest style rifles or those with barrel lengths greater than 26 inches should use the optional 36 inch tubes.
30 Inch Steady Shot Shooting Tripod
Kenco Outdoors
Proudly made
in the U.S.A.
 The 30 inch Steady Shot tripod comes with a solid front cradle and swivels freely to allow the perfect sight picture. (Rifle not included).

The legs adjust from 34 to 48 inches high, and the entire assembly weighs only 16 pounds.

Purchase it today for only $375.
Tripod legs are shown with optional knobs