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Bill Benigni with his trophy mulie
 Bill Benigni's 265 pound 4 x 4 mulie was heart shot at 356 yards using a .280 Remington/156 grain Norma ammo from the Steady Shot Tripod. 
Two days later, Bill took this unbelievable 289 lb. 8-point Whitetail at just under 400 yards and drilled it right through both shoulder blades--it went less than 30 yards.
Bill keeps his rifle to the ready, waiting for that elusive trophy to come into view.
 This is the 1000 yard club from Westmoreland County,  Pennsylvania. They meet each July 4th for an annual shootoff. The tripods have been camouflage painted and customized for each individual's hunting preferences. 
1000 yard club Westmoreland County, PA
These marksmen  are shooting from their tripods at distances of up to 1760 yards - THAT TRANSLATES TO AN INCREDIBLE ONE MILE SHOT!
1000 yard club Westmoreland County, PA
1000 yard club Westmoreland County, PA
One man's dream for the ultimate shooting tripod has turned into the Steady Shot
Taking down an antelope with the Steady Shot tripod
Prepared and ready during the Montana hunt
Take aim and squeeze...
You can even use the Steady Shot tripod with your long rifles by adding the 36 inch upper tubes.
Shoot incredible distances with your favorite rifle.
The Steady Shot Tripod is great for hunting, target shooting, displaying your favorite weapon, or stabilizing it for maintenance. It securely holds all makes and models of rifles, pistols, and even cross bows!
Target practice while relaxing
Use it to hold that pistol steady
The steadiest shot you'll ever have
It's all in how bad you want it.
Use it from a standing position
Choose whatever size works for you
The lineup of Steady Shot tripods: 
shown with 24 inch, 30 inch, and 50 inch legs
It's not just limited to holding your rifles...
The Steady Shot will give you the opportunity and confidence to reach distances that are double, triple, even ten times the distance you would normally try to shoot. See how you can get dime-size shot groups at 100 yards or more.
Light enough to carry with you