The Steady Shot Tripod - For the Steadiest Shot You'll Ever Make
Life doesn't usually give second chances. Now you can make those once-in-a-lifetime shots count.

KencoOutdoors provides every hunter the means to get and maintain that perfect sight picture. This affordable tripod system performs like a shooting bench, yet it is light enough to be carried to any location.
A free floating pivot head allows you to maneuver your rifle and follow your target. Click photo to see it.
Achieve accurate shots of 1000 yards or more.
Kenco Outdoors
Kenco OutddorsKenco Outddors
Kenco OutddorsKenco OutddorsKenco Outddors
Kenco OutddorsKenco Outddors
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Kenco Outdoors

                                                  height range                          weight

BENCH REST                        10 in (fixed)                     7lbs

24 INCH STANCE                 28 - 40 inch height         14 lbs

30 INCH STANCE                 34 - 48 in height              16 lbs
50 INCH STANCE                 54 - 67 in height              17 lbs
All Steady Shot Tripod models are built using a portable construction of powder coated aluminum, choice hardwoods, and fine leather.